Evansville, Indiana
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I made a substantial payment to recast my mortgage. Started paying new monthly payment based on the reamortorized mortgage.

For some reason Bank of America reported me as no pay for a payment. The payment was made on a timely basis but Bank of America forgot to cancel the old payment when the mortgage was recast. Although I have the recast letter, pertinent cancelled checks and all necessary documentation I am unable to have the no pay removed.

I keep getting assured that all is well and it was just a mistake. However, I would like the credit bureaus to be notified of this 'mistake' by Bank of America.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Bank of America loans are sooooo bad complete scam!!!


bank of america has the worst customer service and it takes several phone calls to fix a problem... do not get a loan with them, they are sooooooo disorganized and in occasions have misplaced my payments.

it took me 6 months of phone calls and letters to the board to fix a problem....

Unless you write to the board, they wont fix your problem.... horrible

Household Bank Sux!

Wow, this one sounds familiar! Same *** here with BOA!

They did it to one of my friends too. Their loan modifications are a complete scam.

They "didn't recieve" our paperwork from Fed Ex after ten months of faithfully paying on a loan modification, we were slapped with bad credit and three months behind in our mortgage! Something really should be done about this before they swindle others with this scam!