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My wife and I began the "Making home Affordable" program in August, 2010. In mid August we submitted all documentation requested by Bank of America (from here on as BofA).

After several follow-up calls into BofA, we were informed that our application was submitted to underwriting as of September 23rd. Later we were told that it was not in underwriting until November 2010. In early December we were told we should have an answer by December 23rd. In mid-February, we received a phone call from the underwriter or assistant underwriter that our documents were now over 6 months old and that we would need to resubmit.

My wife and I obliged and sent the material (all six documents, including bank statements, W-2s, utility bills, etc, within 4 days via the FedEx envelope BofA provided. March and April came and went, with weekly calls for updates to our application. In May we received a letter dated May 14th saying we were disqualified because some documents were not received on time. My wife and I do not believe that any of the requested documents from the FedEx delivery in February could have possibly been late.

During this time, I sent numerous emails and made several phone calls to the underwriter as to the status of the documents and our application. He returned none of them. Around early May, I left him a message saying that if I did not hear from him soon I was to go to his supervisor and complain. Still no response.

He had our home phone number, my cell phone number and our email address. Although he had "trouble" contacting us with regard to our application, I find it interesting that as we got a few weeks behind on our monthly mortgage that we were routinely called daily (sometimes 3 times a day including cell phone calls) to ask us about our intention to make our payment. If we were late, in getting a document in (again, we do not believe we were) there were ample opportunities for that communication. During this 11 month period I have had countless phone conversations with BofA representatives while receiving misinformation ("your loan went to underwriting September 23rd"), half-truths (one CS person told me to do everything possible to keep the mortgage payments current--(Fall 2010), one said that if you are current on your mortgage you don't show need and won't be approved"), and outright lies ("he's (underwriter) been trying to contact you").

My pleas for help even with supervisors, while conversations always polite in tone have gone nowhere. My complaint against BofA is that they have no intention or motivation to help mortgagees that they signed onto under President Obama's program. My wife are unemployed and yet we have done everything necessary to keep our mortgage current and have done all that was requested from our lender to insure that we receive the help we need. This has been an 11-month ordeal for us that words do not fully describe the frustration, time and effort wasted, and quite frankly shock at the (lack of) customer service BofA has shown.

I have written my congressman (xxxxx), my Senator (xxxx), and my President all within the last week. As of today 6-29-11 I have yet to hear from them. I am nearing the end of my patience. I truly believe we will never get help.

However, I am writing this because at least in principle, this treatment should not go unreported.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Good Luck . I was not late at all - never missed a payment on anything.

Husband lost job I applied for Home Affordable program.. your story is mine.. I bought a home .. mort co made a 500 mo mistake .

after 3 months mortg payment jumped by 500 per month. At same time husband lost job .. 8 months of "trial payments at 1,200 which they assured me would be the correct amount .. and numerous submissions, resubmissions calls documents - and i gave them all plus more, every time on time, servers at my door thru Thanksgiving & Christmas..

they modified my loan .. forgot to tell me about the 485 insurance payment and it was 60 more than when i started.. only now I was also reported for missing my "reg" payment while i was doing trial payments. THen after that .

they sold to Seterus.... YOUR story with BOFA sounds just like mine


Ok believe me or not on this one but my facts can be checked and my source is/was up there with Bank of America

Seems this greedy bank has been giving their millionaire customers immediate loan mods on property that is not in danger of foreclosure but rather a bad investment the wealthy want reduced. If you are a bank customer with a sizable deposit you have carte blanche. In fact Bank of America has premier banking, little known service, to anyone who holds a balance of over 250k.

BofA's first mortgage department is being replaced by the 2nd mortgage department who have three days or less training and will be handling all mortgage loan modification request. Many receive email training. Did you know these new workers are paid a commission?

Many of the mods sent to this department are simply set aside until the age to the point of telling the customer they must reapply.

One of the BofA executive’s hairstylists got a loan mod because she provides a personal service.

BofA you can’t pay me off like you did wikileaks. See me on twitter: BofABankFraud


A CLASS ACTION SUIT IS BEING PREPARED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND We are looking for victims that are dealing with Bank America and the home modification program who have been defrauded and even their credit destroyed if they are not in default with their loan payments.

Contact us asap if you live in Southern California area, a class action suit is being filed against the bank for fraudulent practices.

Thank you. email: (323) 829-9799


You've had it easy. I have been trying to get a mod since Sept 2008 after loosing my job.

I was unemployed until July 2010. Then I was told I make too much money ($17,500 a year) to qualify. I have cancelled checks from Sept 2009-Feb 2010 for trial payments that they claim I missed 1 payment on and therefore was denied. I have had the same missing documents *** told to me.

I have fed-exed, faxed and certified mailed at least 20 copies of all these items. When I called with a mediator to see what I am missing, they say nothing everything is here!! I have filed 2 complaints with the O.C.C. and faxed 12 pages of BofA *** to the White House.

I am waiting now for the foreclosure dept. to call. They tell me I don't qualify for any other programs and my only options are foreclosure, a short sale or giving them the deed in lieu of the note.

What happened to "We are here to help"??

That is the line you get when you call them .

Yep, they are here to help alright. Help you right into foreclosure and out of your home!!!


They did the exact same thing to me under the MHA program and declined me for the same reason even though I can prove I sent all the required documentation. They have no interest in helping consumers at all and have turned me down at every step along the way.

Their main motivation is to push you into foreclosure and get your loan off their books.

Fortunately I found a job and was able to catch up on my mortgage in full or they would have foreclosed on me. I'm stuck with them for now, but I will NEVER do business with B of A again.