Dear Bank of America,Thanks for the modifucation, It has now been over a year since I embarked on this on journey. I naively believed that you were really going to do what you said you were going to do.

After some 13 applications I hired a professional who confirmed that I met all of the criteria that you had asked for to a "T". Interesting how you could lose all of those documents so many times. When I sued for discovery you produced less than 2% of the documentation I had asked for. Curious, in that documentation I found my signature forged and notarized in Los Angelas, California.

Problem is I have not been In L.A for some 15 years, the forgery looked nothing like my signature. Even though you have been completely fraudulent in all your dealings My council has advised me that I will never Prevail as you will continue to sue regardless of merit. I have found this to be true and have now exhausted my funds to continue to fight. The end of January this house will be yours.

However the 11 years that I have lived here and entertained friends and family who I have created incredible memories with will always be mine. You on the other hand have created some very wicked Karma for you and your unfortunate employees.see ya wouldn't want to be ya!

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