Killeen, Texas

He had only $400 in the acct. They also charged $360, plus $100 Bank of American Attorney's Fee, plus a $25 insufficient fee, so now the debit card acct is in the Red for over $13,000.

He has no itemized list of whre they got that amt.? We thought it was a fraud! We're still not sure. He had no idea that the Attorney General of the State of Texas had planned to do that!

He has been mostly unemployed for 2 yrs., has worked part time at various jobs. has not made a child support pay. in 6 mos. Child is 17 yrs.

old. His ex-wife and husband make close to $100,000 a year, my son is a devoted father to his daughter, sees her every chance he gets, and she has stayed with me for many weeks each summer where as a grandmother I have bought summer clothing, and then school clothes for the fall, gave her sewing, swimming, tennis, and pottery lessons (all of which do not count for back child support)Now they can arrest him, attach ANYthing he owns, and pull his Drivers LIcense... With NO NOTICE & without even explaining the details of that charge!

We will be trying to figure this out after the holiday... and see what results we get.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Debit Card.

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Maybe your son should take care of his child and not have his mommy fight his battles. It doesn't matter how much money his ex wife makes.

It also doesn't matter that you bought her school clothes and gave her all those lessons he didn't and it still doesn't count as child support. He can get a job flipping burgers. He is a lowlife. And so you know they can and will take the money from his bank account weather or not he has it.

It's not the banks fault.its your low life sons fault. And he had to be more than 6 months behind if he owed $13000 in back child support.


This is from 2011, pretty sure they figured it out by now. Dumbfucker.


Texas uses bank of america for it's travel accounts, dps in particular has boa accounts for travel. You can foia this information or google it.

I don't think they can put your account in the negative, I do believe though that they can take what he has in his account. They can garnish his wages.

They tried the same thing with someone I know only with wells fargo, he called worked out a payment plan with the attorney generals office. Legally they can't charge overdraft fees if you did not authorize the transactions.


i don't understand why the complaint is against the bank.


I contacted a good friend of mine with Texas DPS. I found out that Texas law allows the Texas Attorney General to file with the court and have a court order (signed by a judge) issued on ALL assets and ALL insurable interests of a deadbeat dad/mom (including bank accounts) when it comes to outstanding child support.

The fact that you have a bank account with a private corporation does not protect you from these obligations.

In fact, since Bank of America is owned by the U.S. Government you may have even less rights than you think.


By the way, I wish more states would use EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE to recover debts from deadbeat dads. I am tired of paying for your children through higher taxes and welfare.


I guess personal responsibility doesn't apply anymore in this country. I don't make babies and then deny them basic little annoyances such as food (and then complain about it when I get the bill).

The amount of this debt is so much that it is hard to believe that someone would not be notified long before this incident. If people such as yourself B-Out could keep your pants zippered for more than a few seconds or learn what birth control is, there would be less poverty and less welfare in this country.


Here's a novel idea @4justice... G.F.Y!

She *** in the middle of the day while you're at work with the kids and everything she can carry (Note, she has another man helping her) Moves with him to another state, gets on welfare and you end up with the bill thanks to "Child Support". Even though you have no clue to her whereabouts or how your children are doing because she knows you'll take Legal Action in order to get your kids back. Now. Here's the thing.

Would you still advocate paying my child support? Even though you're not allowed to see your kids or even know where they're at? And, before you make a total *** out of your self by suggesting that "There must have been a reason" My kids found me AFTER they turned 18 and they want nothing to do with their mother. And, back to the point?

Wells Fargo did the same thing to me. Taking over $6000 from my account without even notifying me.

For the same reason. Now...Ya think you could find something to comment on that you at least know something about?


Learn to read.


Here's a novel your child support!! And you will have no luck discharging that debt in bankruptcy courts that are making it extremely difficult to discharge legal/non-dischargeable debt (ie, child support, student loans, etc...).

When it comes to taking care of your children...I have four words....Don't mess with Texas!!


He can't declare bankruptcy on the child support, but now that the debt is to B of America, he may be able to discharge that debt. Get him to a bankruptcy attorney right away. Serve B of A right for all the ripoffs listed on this site.


His "notice" you say he didn't get is called a child support order. Texas is one of the most hardcore states on child support enforcement.

They will make you pay ... it's best to just obey the law and do it as ordered.

Getting a job might help. I hear McDonalds is hiring.