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I went to a B of A branch at 1704 NM Hwy 528, NW in Albuquerque, NM 4/14/18, Saturday at 9:30 a.m. to get a simple notary stamp. The bank now has a "screener" who demands to know your business when you come in and she was rude and dismissive because I didn't have an...
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Bank Of America Staff Review

Bank of America just lost another cust. Tired of walking into their bank and them having only 2 tellers to help 20 people in line. Worst run bank in the US. Will be closing all accounts with them. Recommend you use any bank but them.
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Poor customer service

Bank of America is blaming county for escrow to be in the negative. County says it is the banks faul

We moved into our home July, 2007. It is now August, 2010 and I went to pay my mortgage (which has been the same since 2007). To my surprise it went up $755.00. I called Bank of America and they said wow your taxes went up, you should call your county and find out what is going on. I call the county and they said your taxes did go up but not that much you need to call the bank. We went back to the bank and here we go again. Bottom line is everyone is saying we owe but no one is taking responsibility. Imagine your mortgage jumping $755.00 more a month without your knowledge. I am so angry and I really wish there was something that could be done in the small consumers favor for a change.
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I can imagine what you are going through with these delinquents (BofA). They just love to steal people's hard-earned money.

A few months ago they sent me a letter that I had a deficit of over $1,000 in escrow because of my taxes. What the heck! My taxes were lower than ever and in reality I had over $800 due back to me. These scam artists (BofA) tried to steal my money and if I would have paid it they would have kept it.

I fought it to the bitter end and they magically corrected it but I never received my surplus or an apology for that matter. To make matters worse, I am fighting for a loan mod since December and I have no idea what the status is, no one gives me or even my attorney a clear answer. They also say I am behind 4 months when in reality I am only behind 1 month (I have proof) and they refuse to budge and are blaming everyone but themselves for this fiasco and they still insist that is what I owe.

The day that BofA ceases to exist is the day I will make the hugest block party known to man. I hate Bank of America with all my heart!

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Bank Of America-IM The Victim

I was scammed with a check from someone, i deposited my check in the bank(BANK OF AMERICA) and they said the check was no good so they completley closed my account. I was told that i could no longer bank with Bank Of America. They treated me like i was the criminal. I was told that i was lucky legal matters werent inforced. They did not even provide me with details. The customer service representative was so rude to me. She wouldnt even talk to me with common courtesy. All i wanted was some answers. I am very embarraded for them.
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:upset I know


Educate your consumer. Just don't further victimize them.


Where did you get the scam check from? Always remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Never deposit anything into your account without being possitive it legit, checks are legal documents and banks are federally funded, what did you think would happen? :eek

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