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On Friday April 30th Geico withdraw $177.00 out of my account. My account was already low on funds. So now there was a $-177.00 dollars in my account, Bank of America usually waits a day before adding a withdrawal fee however since it was Friday, I am assuming they added the fee to avoid the weekend. So today I called BOA to see if I can get the fee waived, like I have done in the past. However, this time around they informed me that they do not waived that fee and they have never waived the fee. I know this is a lie because I have gotten fees waived in the past. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was a bit snarky so I asked to speak to another supervisor who was even worst. He's name was Mariano. He had no respect me or so it is not possible for him to have respect for any of the BOA customers. I told him he was a representation of the company and he said he does not care because he do not work in customer service. Moreover, he stated that I was subject to the terms of the contract, which is understandable. However, I been with BOA since i was 19 and I am now 26. I have never been notified of any changes or modifications and I did not sign-up for e-monthly statements so I should have received some type of mail from them. Not only did i get yelled at but I still have to pay the fee. After being complete pissed off, Marino (the supervisor) reminded me that another charge of $35.00 will be add on the May 7th. I so upset and completely disgusted with BOA. I am going it pay this balance and just bank with another company.
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Think twice before you open open an account at Bank Of America. Their lines are always very long with no enough to tellers.


>"...I have gotten fees waived in the past."

Maybe you're not ready to manage a bank account if you've overdrawn at least twice now. Your whole post reeks of everything you feel BofA did wrong without once taking note of what YOU did wrong.

You were overdrawn and you should have paid that fee with no questions asked. Nope! You called to have it removed. When the clerk refused to do that (forgive you for yet another one of your infractions), you demanded to waste the time of a supervisor.



>"...he stated that I was subject to the terms of the contract.."

He was probably referring to the contract you signed when you opened the account seven years ago. Do you still have it? I bet it's on their website, and I'm sure there's a clause about what happens when your account is overdrawn.

No one is going to hold your hand through every banking transaction, clearly outlining what needs to happen. You need to understand that your actions will sometimes have consequences that you can't get out of, and that's no one's fault by yours.

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