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When I am FINALLY ABLE to contact customer service, they tell me that they are locked out from being able to examine my BANK OF AMERICA account. They tell me I must be Authencated...

They claim they don't know why this is necessary!!! Or being required for me to access to my account or why I suddenly need to be "authenicated" is required to get my ballance. I am switching to a local bank. Bank of America was once costomer freindly..

Those days are gone......!!!!!!!!!! And so I

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"They claim they don't know why this is necessary!!"Let's see, they had a choice between taking care of whatever and getting rid of your dreadful self or they decided to play games.If the software tells them to authenticate you, this is what they MUST do. They didn't build the computer, code the software nor were they in the board room when this decision the decision to do this was made.Only a petulant child like toad would get angry and rail on over something like this. You probably get off and validate yourself by harassing the "help."


You haven't lived very long if you call a banking issue a "nightmare". Please allow an older, more experienced person to suggest things that may fairly be labeled "nightmare" :cancer, amputations, blindness, starvation, AIDS, death of a child, random murder, etc.

; not your silly little bank issue. Grow up and face reality.

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