Colts Neck, New Jersey
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My Wife was brutally Murdered this summer a Drug addicted Neighbor Attacked her with a Knife and stole a TV . Since I have done BAd I am on Unemployment this month Bank of america took both my Unemolyment checks Overdraft fees I know are not there fault but how they sleep is my big concern taking this for cups of Coffee in between Cemetery visits,, all I have left she was only 49..

They've shown little very Little compashion and get Highly upset when I comented on the Company making Money Off my mistake to Buy Coffee to warm up between DAILY Cemetery visits.. Prior to this had a Excellent Banking History...

I Hope they Never go threw what I'm Going threw Both Loss of wife and the Financial Struggle they have added to my burden I would much rather me be turned down at the register then Go ahead give me my Coffee and charge me $35.00 for it... Eric Christensen ....

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It is the legalized robbery of those who are not strong enough to fight them. They will burn in *** for what they do. I hope things get better for you.

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