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Update by user Nov 24, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. Bank of America was truly superb in handling the issue.

Multiple Representatives reached out to me immedietely and were very proactive about getting my money credited back to me and closing my account. Out of the plethora of people that called, checked up, and followed up to ensure I closed my account in good harmony; Charles Adams stands out the most.

He was kind, willing, & accomodating. 5 stars.

Update by user Nov 24, 2021

I am sorry I had to go through such great l I know without a doubt, if Bank of America ever finds me again in another state that I decide to roam; I will most defenitely patronage the bank again. I have chase now, and truth be told; I miss my bank.

I just wish they were available in Louisian and Minnesota.

They are named Bank of America after all. And it would be nice if they would live up to their name.

Original review posted by user Oct 25, 2021

October,25,2021 Helena Rachal Account # ********4187 Debit Card #4744********9061 77*-***-3351 helena.rachal@***.com

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Helena Rachal. I have been a faithful Bank Of America client since February 27, 2017.

Even more years before I briefly moved to another state before 2015. I recently decided to close my checking account (reluctantly so) because I was loyal to my bank and had up until now been quite satisfied with the services my bank has provided to me. I had no choice but to close the account; however; because despite the name of the bank titled as Bank of America, the state that I live in;( Louisiana) does not have a Bank of America location.

I kept running into issues with charges of ATM fees because of this. Therefore, I had no choice but to obtain a new bank account in which I chose Chase Bank as a provider.

I ran into problems and lost my job due to Covid and for the first time was being charged monthly fees. Once I got a new job quite recently In which I have yet to receive a pay check is when I decided to leave Bank of America for logical purposes alone. Not because I was dissatisfied in any way until now. It started the first day I chose to close the account on September 24,2021.

There were still ties with certain merchants that I was unaware of despite changing my bank transactions to new account numbers such as credit card payments and transactions that were already in processing.

I found out later on some of those transactions that charges would still be billed under the previous payment methods until they were manually put in to be paid with a different payment method but that had to be done individually charged. Therefore, on Sep 24th a payment of $37.50 was charged through a merchant (sezzle) that I frequent on Sep.24th. This is when all of the problems began.

It was followed by one charge after the other for merchants that I had no control over even though I had done my part as a consumer to change the payment method. I wanted the amount closed but I could not do so until the debt of the payments were paid.

I called bank of america customer service immediately where it was decided after speaking with a customer service representative of the bank to hold off on closing the account in an attempt to dispute with the merchants where possible and if refunds were able to be disputed and reversed, I could then call Bank of America back and have the overdraft fees waived and refunded.

I took that advice and was able to get refunds in the amount of $9.99 door dash charge. Klarna refund $6.74 and &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;15.89. Apple. Com $2.99.

Please note that the apple refund is the compensation for the charge from Pandora 09/24 and Viacom CBS 09/28 . A current dispute with grub hub merchant in the amount of $10.83 is underway because I canceled my membership on Sep2. . All of these charges were reasons for the 7 overdraft fees on top of NSF Fees in the amounts of 35.00 each totaling out to $210.00

I attempted to contact bank of america customer service reps more than three times during this time to plead with them to close the account so no more fees would accrue and to get the fees waived out of desperation to no avail!

Today, I made another attempt and was accredited $105.00 on October 25th 2021 still leaving me a debt of $114.94 in which I was forced to pay in order to close the account in good standing with Bank of America.

This left me completely dissatisfied. At a time where I have been out of work during covid, just now obtaining a part time job that pays very little, putting myself through graduate school and all of the bills on top of bills that I am unable to pay.. I simply cannot afford another 100 dollars in fees. I also am behind in my credit card payments with Bank of America awaiting my first pay date.

After being loyal to bank of america for over ten years; my departure with them should be a smooth and positive one.

It had NOT gone that way.. I am desperately pleading with someone to be reasonable and to look over my account and see that these fees are not fair and the monthly fees on top of the credits that have been refunded should all be taken into consideration and allow a refund to be issued to me in the amount of $210.00 due to an accrual of 210 dollars in fees. Or at the very least honor the 5 refunds that are or going to be processed and possibly waive the monthly maintenance fee of $12.00 because I was set to close the account before all of these charges accrued. Please Note that the only reason the amount stayed open is in an attempt to have the merchants who charged me to compensate those charges so that Bank of America could clearly see there were errors present.

I really dont think its ethical.

I still dont fully understand what charge went with what. I do know refunds were obtained however through almost all of those merchants.

I am pleading that someone please also take into consideration that I had been trying to close the account while in good standing just before it all went wrong. I am asking that someone take into consideration that I had never had any overdraft fees up to this point and it was not a practice of mine to go over my spending limit.

Please Help.


Helena N Rachal

User's recommendation: Tread Carefull.

Monetary Loss: $222.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bank Of America Pros: Quality of service once i got to a teller, Compensation if merchant needs to be disputed of charges.

Bank Of America Cons: Locations and overdraft fees.

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