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Ok, This Bank of America is the worst bank ever! In three days they charge me $140 in bank overdraft fee!

for some reason a bank of america representative told me that starting 2008 they change their policies about clearing an amount and if you dont have that amount before it cleared you will be charge $35 per transaction even you owe only a penny. I have an incoming direct deposit that day but they cleared my transaction first before my DP then charge me $140. no consideration will closed account ASAP!


Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Notify your Senators! That's what they are there for.

They regulate the banking industry.

Then ask that they change the banking laws. They've bankrupted the country and are operating like organized crime.


Yea Terry is right you idoits watch your money, through online banking or take your lazy impatient *** to the ATM to check your balance, call do something. Remember your bills if you work so hard for the money,THEN WORK HARD AT PROTECTING IT.

Yea Lisa ODP works but your still charged a transfer fee, that should be an emergency use only. How bout just monitor your spending, and it will monitor your actions. as for Terry yeah I'm tired of all this b i t chin about NSF every1 charges them I've shopped every bank TRUST ME. I had 3 NSF in my life and thats it I'm young and I know fire burns so don't get so close.

lol :grin. grow *** ppl that want 2 be babied, grow the *** up or don't write a check y a z z can't cash.ELEMENTARY LESSON :cry


Terry the banker,

Have you forgotten what customer service is or are you just so deeply involved with the banking system that your vision is impaired by $$. People use banks because they have been convinced that they need them.

Wake up people, you don't need banks they will only take your money. The problem is not that people are doing anything wrong they are just not doing it in a way that's acceptable to the banks. the banks have been changing their policies over the last few years to exploit the people that once trusted them. The system is designed to take advantage of every misstep that the customer makes.

Most honest people will gladly pay a fee if they are at fault.

Its easy to blame the customer when the system is designed to exploit them. Cash is still accepted everywhere, use it!!!


Terry is right on. Come people wake up and smell the coffee.

Don't spend it if you don't have it. I have a savings and checking with them.....get overdraft through your savings and you won't be charged a fee.


No, it's not all banks it's because Bank of America is the worse bank ever! It should not take 5 days for a cash deposit to clear into my checking account!

So if I spend it 3 days later yeah I kind of assume it's in my account especially when I go to the atm and it shows my balance. I go spend money and oh surprise a ton of overdraft fees. When my card got stolen and I canceled it and filed all the proper papers they took the charges off but left the overdraft fees because I didn't have the funds to cover it. Well of course I didn't my card was stolen and they didn't freeze it right away!!!

My old bank never did any of these things! If I put money in to my account it actually went right to my account. I only switched because my old bank isn't nation wide. I'm currently in the process of switching banks.

I'm in college I can't afford to wait a week for my paycheck or cash to clear.

I have to eat and with the overdraft fees I can't. Plus sometimes I don't even know they take it out so then I go over!


Whoa Harsh but never truer words have been spoken. Dont write a flippin check if the money isnt there to cover it. I think I learned that in the 2nd grade


Yet another Bank customer that does not get it.

The key here is to NOT write checks before the money is in the account.

You guys like to float loans to yourself hoping to beat the clearing house. TIP for you-It doesn't work anymore :(

BLAME your own ignorance. If the money was in your account, you would not get hit with fees.

ANY bank you deal with is the same way, and there is now a good chance that you can not go to another bank to open an account because of the way you mismanaged this one. Banks now put check bouncers like you in a data base and any time you go to open up a new account at another bank, guess what? Your name pops up as a person that bounces checks.

And we want to know why this country is in the condition it is now? It is because dummys have no clue how to manage money.