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I have 3 checking accounts one more active than the other 2. I decided to try Bank of America checking where i didn't have much activity.

I did a transaction almost 15 days ago for an small amount. I decided to leave a $15. since I don't use it much. Guess what; This was my fault for not keeping a tight track of my transactions and instead trusting the bank website where the transaction information is listed.

as soon as I was getting close to $15 the transaction came out with the addition of $35 overdraft charge.

I wasn't really complaining because in great part was my fault until i found out that this happened to a nephew and an old friend of mine. Be careful please it seems that this bank and may be others as well are desperate for fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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I paid a car note for 165.00 and boa dibble charged me making it look like I made two payments of 165 and it took me into over draft. I went back to the car lot because that's what thecbanker said I had to do.

There print outs show they only had two card payments that day one for 300 and my 165. When we try to call the bank nobody would pick up the phone


bank of america is making money off customer by holding postings and putting transactions off so that can run up fees. Anyone considering banking with them should run for the door (or find someother less scrupulous (sp) bank).

They paid their government loan back with comsumers' overdraft fees. can you believe two -one dollar double cheeseburgers from McDonald's ended up costing me $70 bucks!!!!!!

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