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It's no secret that the Bank of America is extremely predatory when it comes to charging you overdraft fees. The chronological sequence of what happened and why [ even if it's because of their own mistake ] is no concern of theirs whatsoever. You'll simply get to talk with a "nice man from India" or an obviously unconcerned "person of color" [ from Harlem? guessing by their diction ] who will snicker at you, for being financially raped.

Point blank, these people [ if you can accurately call them that ] SUCK! During my last year of law school, I called a WESTLAW reference attorney, to defend myself from an invective from a female employee [ who was cross-examining me as to why I wanted to open a checking account with their bank with a "paltry" $1720 = one thousand, seven hundred and twenty dollars ] and the reference attorney informed me that they've been sued approx 4,000 times within the last 10 years; mostly for slammming credit card holders from regular status into gold status, where there are more expensive fees.

Of course, they're "too big to fail" and their minority personnel are oh so happy to snicker at you for paying an overdraft fee and for thereby indirectly paying for their lunch; be it KFC or refried beans and tacos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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Whether your overdraft issue is legitimate or not, it's overshadowed by your blatantly racist remarks.


Before you blasphem BOA for lining the pockets of its employees, please educate yourself on how deposit banking works from the banking standpoint. When you, the customer, overdraws their account, We at BOA have to borrow that money from another company (at a ridiculously high interest rate) in order to cover it.

This Overdraft Fee is used to try and offset some of the loss caused by your inability to properly run your accounting. Please take a good, hard look at your Depositor's Agreement for further details regarding our Overdraft Policy, which is perfectly run within Federal mandates.


ANOTHER *** WHO THINKS THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sigh :sigh :sigh

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