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Customer Countess Galloway for years.Infrequent problems till she developed dementia. Bank refused to help with over 100 NSFs. Caused because Ms. Galloway still wants to handle her account. On social security. Fees faused her to be behind. Some were refunded. But most...
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See an attorney who can help you or a relative take control of her financial affairs with a power of attorney for financial affairs plus you will need a POA for medical decisions also. Don't blame the bank.

Nothing they can do. Best get going on this.

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Bank Of America Checking Account
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Bank of America will not release parents funds despite documentation and they will not provide me with documentation of why

As executor of my late father's will and power of attorney for my mother, I was cashing in their Bank of America payment on death CD and closing a checking account. My mother has a legal disclaimer, disclaiming these funds for tax purposes so they are distributed to my sister and myself. Bank of America made no contact with me for 2 weeks (after I provided all the legal documentation) and finally I was told the request was denied. They refuse to provide me with written explanation of why as it is an "internal document." So now I must pay an attorney to get us our own funds back. They seem to have no idea what any legal documents mean, including something as basic as power of attorney. They are incompetent, unresponsive and impossible to deal with.
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they don't in care. a lady had a stroke/heart attack in an office in either dallas or plano,and this call center let her husband go, they don't care, management is horrible at this office, Brandon,leeannn,ln,so,scot.


:? :cry :( :x

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Bank Of America Checking Account
In 2007 Bank of America illegally denied my fraud claim after they told me I could be a victim of Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud. I got all necessary documents from Police, FTC Postal Inspector, Credit reporting agencies, etc., and when I gave the information to...
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Bank Of America Checking Account

I'll never bank with Bank of America

My husband banked with Bank of America for over 20 years. He got divorced and he has child support arrears, which he has been paying on and will have paid off very soon. He has always provided for his children. He had two savings accounts, one for each child. They had the child's name on the account, but him as the owner. Child support services attached his children's accounts and charged him 100.00. He closed those accounts, and left only his checking account with 5.00 in it. Twice Child support services attached that account and charged him 100.00 each time. He could not get the bank to take back these charges. They told him that even if he had a zero balance the account was still open and he of get this charge. Very good customer services isn't it. He finally closed that account. So. the state took 5.00 from my husband and B of A charged 100.00. If that isn't a rip-off I don't know what is. Then when my father-in-law put all his asscets into a trust. He was very ill at the time. He made my husband the conservator of his trust, so he had to take copies to all the financial institutions, one of which was B of A. They say "no we have to have him make his own trust here" ??? Our lawyer took care of that really quick. When my father-in-law passed away the first this my husband and his brother did was close his account and his safe deposit box and B of A. No business from us.
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Bank Of America Checking Account

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