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Re: Urgent Vehicle currenty suspended and for no reason of mine!



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Do you have any idea what you are doing to me??????

1. I was the victim of Identity Theft for over $200,000.00 that began in 2006.

2. The fraudsters were very good in stealing from me.

3. The banks (some) admitted there was Identity theft, that bills were paid on fraud, not by me.

4. They refused to reimburse me for the money that was sent to fraud accounts,

5. I went from a score of 800 to 516 in 4 months with the credit bureaus.

6. Several jewelry items sent to my address (I suppose they thought I was working) I sent back to the company in order to not pay APR.

7. This happened for 4 months until I drove to Knoxville, TN with $14,000.00 in jewelry that came to my home and it was NOT mine.

8. Because I did the HONEST thing after the jewelry company said they would pick up first box, and never came, I sent all the *** back.

9.Because of this, the credit card companies thought the credits I got on my own, were theirs since I did what the FTC said to do and canceled all cards and gave them a fraud affidavit.

10. Long story short, they charged me for all the stuff I gave back to the company. It was over 200,000.00.

11. I contacted the OCC and they denied my claim. Is this unreal.

12. I contacted the police, FBI, USPS, FTC, and more including the banking commission.

13. No one did anything to help me.

14. I am on SSDI and only get 1152.00 per month so I started selling my clothes on eBay.

15. These thieves used my SSN to report earnings resulting in the IRS telling me I owe them 15 grand. PA also wanted taxes that these thieves put on my SSN.

16. I am in danger of losing my home which I always paid for, in fact I owned 3 homes in 2001.

17.I didn't know my license was used fraudulently, and contacted Geico with all the proof of the above.

18. I would NEVER drive a car knowing it was uninsured.

19.What am I supposed to do now????? I have been fighting with the IRS, Banks, Credit Bureaus, among others and it is repulsive that No One, No Agency, Not the government will help me. What do they care when I am homeless?????

20. I have my masters degree in finance and design, I am not *** but as far as I am concerned this is crazy! How could I know I had no license when it was obviously never sent to me or these fraudsters took it out of my mailbox.

21. I am ready to give up, it is too much for me to handle anymore because no matter how much I prove this is true, NO ONE Does a thing.

22. Maybe, just maybe you will know what I should do because this should never happen to anyone especially when they are on disability.

23.Rules are made to be broken if a situation exists like mine.

I don't know what else to say. I feel if Geico sent me a cancellation, it should be sent certified since it was obviously important. Penn dot also should have sent this certified, I am not a mind reader.

Pam Bonds

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Exactly, bring it to the eyes of the media. Your Local news stations (Fox, ect.) They are constantly helping people with things like this.

When a company realizes that they will loose a *** load of customers because of a matter that they chose not to handle considerately they change their mind on the situation REAL quick. Give it a try.


"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government."

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country"

Looks like the monied corporations are winning and the people losing.


Danny, Idiots believe in imaginary friends. Your threats mean nothing and make you sound like a *** ***.

Antichristian is right, religious people are absolute *** Jesus isnt going to pay his debt.


You idiots that doubt God will feel His wrath. Pam I am also praying for you!!


In some countries the answer has been all those responsible, hung from a yard arm in the public square. There is no accountability

in this country anymore. Bill after bill is passed into law with out any approval of the people and included in those seemingly "Good" bills are riders that accomplish the evil desires of those that wrote it. I.E. FEMA. It

was Thomas Jefferson that said, "God forbid we should go twenty years with out such a revolt.' we are in the 234th year folks. What on earth did we expect? When I ponder who the last good President was I go all the way back to Eisenhower with no concern for political party alignment.

What am I suggesting? "Nothing" it is too late.


WTF? You tell her to Pray to Jesus because he'll help. Then you yourself went to AG office in Michigan and they helped you get out of a similar mess?

So tell us DumbFugk, why didn't YOU use Jesus as your personal Debt Eliminator?

Religious people are *** And about as useful as a pile of rocks. Plain and simple.


Yes, hey everyone, I found an attorney and the entire firm is ready to win. Keep me posted and I will let you know!


Praying to the 'lord jesus' whatever that is will be a complete waste of time. LOL.

Call a lawyer.


go to the news media so they can bring light to it or maybe help or put you with people who can


One must use their talents, skills, ideas, mind magic and any other form of personal power to create ripples so large they will be noticeable from space! You must in your dreams find these perpetrators and rid them from your life. Only you have the power to do this.

However if all people would unit and create a web site that enacts immediate change based upon the needs of the people all would change in and for the good of all.

I'll do what I can to help you and the others out there in need of real humanitarian services.


Pam, get an attorney, maybe in the bankruptcy field, or if not they would know someone who could help you. persistentcy is the way to get through to government and credit card companies, send certified letters and keep sending them. to go forward without someone on yourside could do more harm then good.

good luck!


Pam I am going to pray for you, that the Lord Jesus will help you out of this mess, because he is the only one can. I had identity Theft before it was even called anything.

I also owned property in Detroit, young lady renting used my name and the rest is history. I contacted the Governers office in Michigan and they did help.

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