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We have been in a loan modification with BOA for over a year!! My GMAC loan modification for my residence only took less than three months. What is BOA doing with all the bailout money they received???? They sure are not helping all the people they loaned money to. BOA is not being sympathetic or even trying to renegotiate terms that all parties are happy with. This is not a professional way to do business and it is certainly not a way to get future business. I will never get another loan from BOA as long as I live and many people I have spoken to feel the same way. You would think a smart business person would want to settle instead of foreclosing or holding on to hundreds of properties they can not get rid of.

I need to save my investments. How do I save my property and get rid of BOA once and for all!!!

Thank you.

Melissa Warrren

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

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Melissa - Contact me please email maxexptx@gmail.com Same issue facing home foreclosure - look at my post on here - CLASS ACTION

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