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certificate of deposit from Fleet bank

I'm trying to find out if a certificate of deposit has been cashed out. I have the receipt from 1998 but don't know if it is still valid.

Thank you. Linda Sancho


bounce cheque not return

by IrateIguana

I have deposited a cheque on 4th September '18 and it was bounced but I still did not get a return. SR NO.CHQ NO.CHQ DT.BANK NAMEAMTDEPOSIT DATE 16027031/08/2018BANK OF MAHARASHTRA20000004/09/2018



by adiamondqty

Being that bank of america is a trust company.. Do you keep on site skilled professionals in trusts alone?

Do you have someone who is littetate just how they work? Because NO trust is the same ever...and do your banker and trust people know how to take executor pisistion when there IS NO NAMED TRUSTEES LEFT accept for the bank to execute per the trust terms.

Do they realize they are responsible FOR verifying documents given to them? In the event your banker makes a huge MISTAKE what remedies do you have in place to rectify the damages caused to your consumers?


deceased ex spouse inheritance rights

by adiamondqty

Hello there. When a person comes in too collect on a LARGE inheritance.

A TRUST that has known NAMED BENEFICIARIES AND THEY ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. Do you provide the extra security and courtesy to the deaseased and their FAMILIES to verify that the person claiming to be the deceased spouse Is a valid claim?

Is it a policy of Bank of America to ensure you are giving a persons fortunes to the correct and true beneficiaries? Or do you simply accept the first persons documentation with out questions or verification of who they are.


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