San Francisco, California

I have been a Bank of America customer since 1949 and have had up to three accounts at a time with the bank. Yesterday, March 19, 2015, I dropped by the Sunset Branch on Irving Street in San Francisco to get my checking account balance and was told by the teller that it was under $10. I knew that was not correct and questioned the teller again, but he gave me the same answer. Rather than argue I came home to check it on the computer, and yes, the correct amount was over $1,000. He had given me my Visa account debit balance, not my checking account balance.

Later that afternoon I paid a second visit to the Diamond Heights Branch, also in San Francisco, to resolve a Visa card matter I had questioned approximately two weeks previously. My Visa card had expired on March 1, 2015, but the new card I was sent was totally different from my old one. With the old one I had been able to access the ATM, use it to charge purchases and to receive a statement for the debit balance once a month.

The Personal Banker I was dealing with told me that the bank had never offered such a card and that now I would need TWO cards, one for the ATM and also a debit card. I told him that I had applied for a Cash Rewards card but that I was not sure that was what I needed. HE DID NOT FULLY EXPLAIN THE FEATURES OF THE CASH REWARDS CARD NOR DID HE CLEARLY ANSWER MY QUESTIONS. HE DID SUCCEED IN MAKING ME FEEL LIKE AN *** AND OBVIOUSLY JUST WISHED THAT I WOULD GO AWAY.

Here's the heart of my complaint: When I questioned the benefit to me of the Cash Rewards card he told me it didn't matter because the account I had opened just a couple of weeks earlier had been closed, and all new applications would have to be submitted. I asked why, if that indeed had happened, the account could not simply be reopened, and he said it could not. I left in disgust and came home to resolve this matter by contacting Bank of America's Live Chat.

The person on the other end of the line could not have been more helpful and in the end told me that the account had NOT been closed and to simply activate the card I had in my possession. It worked like a charm.

It was a VERY BAD day for my relationship with Bank of America at the branch level, and it is easy to understand why the Bank gets the lowest ratings of any bank for Customer Service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bank Of America Cons: Customer service.

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