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Large deposits of over $5000 are processed and the funds are moved into Bank of America within 24 hours by rule of the Federal Reserve. Bank of America has the money and sits on it.

They deny access to these funds for up to two weeks while they enjoy the 'float'. My small business needs access to my money to keep operating, Especially the larger deposits!

User's recommendation: make deposits available as usualm regardless of size. If a check/deposit bounces - reverse the charge, just like you do with smaller deposits.

Location: Wakefield, Massachusetts

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Uhmmm...The terms YOU agreed to said fund could be put on hold up to 10 business days or 2 business weeks. Please tell me you READ & UNDERSTOOD the terms before joining up with this or any other bank.

IF you read the terms stop the whining.

IF you didn't, shame on you. OK...say it..."You must work for them."


I deposited $12,000,000,000.00usd on august 20th 2018 and earned $700,000,000.00usd until the federal reserve bank stopped paying interest now there trying to charge me for a pta code I filed compliants at first online access was granted on 12/24/2018 and then the online banking website became unavailable frbkgp.ml/ I have a secure email set up for correspondence with bank still havent been able to transfer a dollar Ive had this master account since 2010 and it was originally opened with $100,000,000.00usd its only at the amount of money due to not being able to make transactions its got to the point where I have to start looking for an attorney thanks to me its not the biggest account my sole proprietor company own and .Iam the only employee for wildcityinc and my biggest account is located in the uk just saying 10 day hold is nothing try a 10 year hold

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