Newark, New Jersey
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I am trully amazed that B of A cannot see its own undoing. The way of the future is computers.

But you cannot shove that down our throats. I watched 2 people withdraw their accounts to move to another bank. Customer service is still King and without tellers to represent that.

You have no service. Thanks for the worst service

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #969055

Who are the Bof A geniuses who decided to have only one teller? We're supposed to have alternatives for banking, in the meawhile the line is practically out the door.

We as customers also have alternatives, " Change Banks". I can't get a Cashier's Check without standing in line with only one teller "FOREVER" with only one teller becuase the B of A wants to use Alternatives.

The other banks have tellers and the lines go pretty quickly. Today thge line was so long they actually had to add ANOTHER TELLER as everyone in line was complaining.

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