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For years I had direct deposit on my account. Bank of America advertised and told me that I would have free checking because I had direrct deposit.

I went to them several times to get it taken care of and each time they said ir would. I was charged for checking for 10 years and never recieved a dime back or free checking.

I was charged for an inssurance policy that I didn't want and I told them so. Even after several trips to the bank and calls they still charged me for the insurance policy.

One year the IRS made a mistake and put a lean on my account. Even though I had made purchases prior to that with my debit card they called it insuficient funds and then chrged me 35.00 each for 5 debit transactions. Some of the transactions were less than 3.00. Even though the IRS returned the money Bank of America didn't. I closed my accounts.

My wife wrote a check for $110.00 on a credit card payment. Bank of America says it was for $10.00 and said her payment was $100.00 short.

Even though a copy of the check from Chase clearly shows $110.00. They are charging a late fee and want 2 months payment to bring it up to date.

I have the information for them but they don't care. Frack Them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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They have been stealing funds from consumers for years!

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