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Nasty old Bank of America, who is absolutely the worst lender and company I have tried to work with (now nearing FIVE YEARS) is still wrongfully foreclosing on innocent, helpless property owners like me and I have undisputed actual proof of all their racketeering that has removed millions of property owners from their property.

They use other terrible affiliates like Shellpoint Mortgage, Seterus, Urban Settlement Services, Safeguard Properties and many more to continue on in spite of their blatant violations relative to the terms and conditions of the initial $45 Billion dollar settlement, the subsequent National Mortgage Settlement back in 2012 for failure to comply, and the supposed epic settlement with the USDOJ for nearly $17 Billion dollars. Take into account the nearly $200 Billion dollars and more that Bank of America has paid out in fines, penalties and court case settlements and you can easily confirm why Bank of America and all its affiliates and secret co-conspirators are rated so bad.

Many states are now just starting to understand all this fraud and corruption and take a stand against these "to big to fail lenders"!! In my five year fight I have come to one sad revelation this week when trying to gain help from Fannie Mae directly (funny you did not hear much from the liberal press about Fannie and Freddie being taken over by our government and now operating as GSE!!! It is my belief that the government has been in on this huge ponzi scam which many say is the biggest *** game in America when the stock market was allowed to interact and work with lenders after the collapse of Glass Streagal Act.

I am a 72 year old Vietnam Veteran and I hate the fact that all this corruption and fraud has been allowed to proceed and was really highly disappointed when I learned that our very own government who allowed all this to happen in the first place, now fully supports all this crooked behavior on the part of the lenders and all the crooked lawfirms defending them. Little wonder we have such a mess in our wonderful country and little to NO confidence in government from local to state and federal:(

Seterus is now taking over for nasty old Bank of America and those employees have NO clue about what is going on, or at least it appears that way. I think the real motivation behind them and others, with the backing and blessing of the CFPB, OIG, and GSE!!

This is a true travesty of justice that all these co-conspirators are heavily involved with. I feel so sorry for the millions of people who have been wrongfully thrown out of their homes with lenders, attorneys, and our government relying on forged, fabricated, phony documents that courts allowed them to use!!!

Just read on the Internet about all this in thousands of articles and recent court case rulings like the "Morrow Case" in Montana where Montana took a really hard line stance on behalf of all their people against Bank of America, the "Yvanova Case" and other out in California, and now the recent 10th Circuit Court Ruling in Colorado (finally as Colorado is terrible at defending anyone with its inept, almost worthless consumer protection agency) in the racketeering charges that may now continue against Urban Settlement and Bank of America. I have five phony "in-house" modification agreements that were done back in late 2013 and early 2014 where Bank of America and Urban committed outright fraud with the phony fabricated documents and the State of Colorado, CFPB, OIG, USDOJ, and Fannie Mae are all fully aware of and just stand by and let this poor old Veteran lose everything!!! Little wonder we are going down the tubes with all this corruption.

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