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I hate the fact that they would hold the pending transaction for 2 days it messes up my balance. I also hate the fact that they would clear big amounts first before the small amounts.

Imagine If you have 6 pending transaction and another check is coming into clear and you don't have enough money to cover the pending one they will first pay the big ones before the little and charge you $210 dollars for that 6 transaction. $210 is going into their pockets.

I hate Jonahtan Gilber #1580 He's the manager of customer service at Bank of america who will not reverse 1 nsf fee. @#$%&*#@% Bank of America

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Manager.

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the only things i have against using debit instead of credit is A) some merchants charge for PIN based transactions B) you dont get visa/ mastercard coverage C) less secure if you use your pin alot it is easier for it to be compromised


BOA documents use a bunch of legal jargon that a large percentage of Americans can't understand and half of them don't take the time to read. This company has exploited that fact in a way to steal the largest amount of money possible from hard working American citizens in order to offset the liabilities they face when providing people who have no social security number or drivers license with a credit card and a bank account.

So Customer Service guy, while you judge someone who has been subjected to equivocal practices by waving the existence of documents that only demonstrate the dubious character of this institution, please consider what kind of company you work for and why you are so eager to defend them. Proving the legality of predatory practices in no way justifies the actions of the company, but further validates the greed of a corporation that already makes far too much money for the very mediocre 'service' they provide.


remember, debit transactions are done USING the PIN number assigned with your card. If the transactions are "pending" for two days, then it sounds like you initiated the transaction over the weekend when processing does not occur.

Debit (pin based) transactions post to your account the same business day (Mon-Fri) or the next business day, depending on what time you made the transaction. If you made the transaction on a Sat or Sun, it will not post until Monday night.

As far as items posting, its from highest amount to lowest amount. not that difficult to have your register matching what the bank has (unless you have keep the change)


actually even if you use your card as a DEBIT transaction it still will reflect as a "pending" transaction for 2 days. I only use DEBIT and by balance is always different then the banks because of the backwards way they post and deal with any and all transactions


also, if you want smaller items to post before larger items, move to Nevada and open an account there. The only state where items post in that manner (state law) due to the fact that gambling losses by people are often more than important items they have coming out of their account.


its pretty obvious that you don't read any of the material that BofA provides to you about your account. In your "depositors agreements and disclosures" gives you all information you need to know about posting priority of items AND pending transactions.

If you want your check card transactions to post the same day or the next day, do them as DEBIT (using the PIN) rather than credit.

Doing it as credit only places those funds on hold for the merchant until the GIVE the bank the receipts confirming your purchase, thats why it takes atleast 2 days for it to post. Doing it as DEBIT is the same a cash.