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I needed copies of statements from closed accounts. Accounts were closed about 4 months ago. I went to the branch. They told me to call customer service. Why not spend the 5 minutes to print the statements and have a satisfied customer? I guess that is far too simple and the correct thing to do. It took me 30 minutes to get an agent on the phone. I was told they would send the statements. They still have NOT arrived!! I I will NEVER do... Read more

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Went to B of A to deposit a check. There were only 3 tellers, 15 customers in line. I was 3rd in line & waited 20 mins. 1 teller closed leaving only 2 & 3 other employees just walking around. When asked if they can help~their answer (supervisor/manager) was they are not tellers & that's when all the customers started to complain. The supervisor/manager then stated it's the beginning of the month, it always busy. That's no excuse, get more... Read more

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I have been a Bank of America customer since 1949 and have had up to three accounts at a time with the bank. Yesterday, March 19, 2015, I dropped by the Sunset Branch on Irving Street in San Francisco to get my checking account balance and was told by the teller that it was under $10. I knew that was not correct and questioned the teller again, but he gave me the same answer. Rather than argue I came home to check it on the computer, and yes,... Read more

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In the beginning of June came from Norfolk and Va. Beach, Va. representatives from Merrill Lynch that provided information about the account that Rev. Castinello had with that company. Around the weekend of June 8th a representative by the name of Vern came to the city of Oakland with a safe from Va. using the money for the freedom of a criminal here, and before the signed release from that area. Later during the month Vern came again for... Read more

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The Bank of America right across from Bay Fair mall in San Leandro CA has got to have the worst manager...not only is he rude to his employees but he is rude to the customers too. I used to go there a lot because it was next to my job but now I go down the road because I do not want to deal with him. I believe his name is Michael. Every time I used to go there I would over hear him being offensive or ill mannered to an employee, the way he... Read more

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Bank of America has my mortgage with an escrow account to pay taxes and insurance which they collect. For three years running they have let it lapse, I've received notice of cancelation and had to go through many phone calls to get it reinstated and paid. This is an escrow account on a rental property placing me in considerable liability during the time the insurance has lapsed. I just got a notice again (third year). I have requested to take... Read more

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There is one and only one way to fix the lying, swindling, cheating b****rds, close your accounts, take your money out and move it to a credit union. BOA is a thief and as long as we keep our money in their institution they will continue to screw us. Close your accounts and take your money out! Tell all your friends, relatives, and networks to remove their money, credit card accounts, and business accounts from BOA. To allow them to keep... Read more

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I hate the fact that they would hold the pending transaction for 2 days it messes up my balance. I also hate the fact that they would clear big amounts first before the small amounts. Imagine If you have 6 pending transaction and another check is coming into clear and you don't have enough money to cover the pending one they will first pay the big ones before the little and charge you $210 dollars for that 6 transaction. $210 is going into... Read more

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Hello, I have just spent over an hour on the phone with Bank of America for the 4th time in 3 months. All because they will not remove a penalty from my account that was THEIR fault. Now they are charging my monthly min. payment DOUBLE and refuse to change this. Contact: Teresa Rager: Senior Acct. Manager Customer Satisfaction Office: Morgantown, W. Virginia her boss: Dave Keener It all started in Sept. when my online statement reflected TWO... Read more

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