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I have used a B of A VISA for a dozen years, specifically to track expenses on my home. I sold that house, so I stopped using the card... leaving a rewards balance. With the bonus B of A promises on their website for account holders in my situation, the reward came to slightly over $30. But since the balance BEFORE THE BONUS is under $25, their computer wouldn't let me request the reward. I called customer service. They said their computer...
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I didn't like
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I asked for a checking account where it wasnt possible to acquire overdraft fees. What i got was a checking account where if someone goes in to take money out its denied and i am charged $35 dollars then if the request is returned i get charged another $35. I am disabled and after working my whole lige i get a whopping $938.00 once a month to live on and it is direct deposited into my bank of america account. Last month my overdraft fees on my...
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Anonymous You spent money you didn't have.
You blame the bank for your over spending.
They don't honor the items, which would put you even more negative.
You complain that you ...


bobs2015 1. Stop using a debit card. Write checks or use a credit card
2. Get an account, checking and savings, at a local credit union. Not a bank! Good luck.

I just can't believe it! I opened a savings account at a Bank of America (BoA) a couple months ago. I have roughly 3,000 dollars accumulated since opening it. Couple days ago I logged in to check my account and I see that I earned 0.27 dollars of a balance of around 2,750 dollars. I really did not understand the 0.01% interest at the beginning but daaam. 27 freaking cents?? Is that a joke? Why do they even bother on depositing 27 cents into my...
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I have had it with the back door overdraft fees and no help from customer care. If I over draft that's my problem I accept that but when I am transferring money between my own accounts and I don't realize that it's going to overdraw the other and I get hit with. $35 fee and then told oh well sorry you didn't know we could charge for that it really *** me off. I am a single mom of four struggling as it is and you hit me with a fee for...
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The minute you apply for a bank of america modification your loan gets assigned a case manager. Basicly now when you call, you get sent automatically to this case managers voicemail. Go ahead! Leave a message! They NEVER return a call!!! EVER!, Email them, NEVER RESPOND! Meanwhile try and get anyone else, no such luck....they reroute you to the same person! call their manager, doesnt matter...same response....nothing!! The modifcation department...
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setad It took like 9 months and a lot of double paper work but finally got it and it is really worth sticking with it. I also got help from some gov overseers that put BOA feet to t...


Anonymous The same thing happened to me. BOA directly sent my application for a home lone modification to a \"case manager\". After that point, no matter what number I called for custom...

I have been trying to participate in the loan modification program through Bank of America for almost one year. After reading other complains, I realize this is really a scam. I wonder if the Government knows what they are doing? Every time I get close, the BOA loan negotiator stops taking my calls & doesn't answer my emails. Now I am receiving foreclosure notices on 1 - 2 months of unpaid mortgage payments that THEY TOLD ME TO WITHHOLD!...
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I am looking for an attonery t I have been going thru the same thing for the last two years, and had to file a chapter 13, and on top of that they have refused my payments since June 2011 stating it\'s beca...

I discovered today that if you make more than three transfers from savings account to your checking, overdraft or BOA credit card, in one month, via the Internet, BOA will charge you $3.00 per transaction. But if you make the transfer at an ATM or the counter, it is free. When I called for an explanation, I was first told it was federal law, then later in the conversation, the Bank Rep called it a policy. I picked up the word policy and got him...
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inform  deposit my money for interest but the bank make money for the customer it\'s opposite, you supposed to place the placard on your door, customer you are oblidge to pay $ ...


ric I deposit my money for interest but the bank make money for the customer it\'s opposite, you supposed to placsts on your door, customer you are oblidge to pay $ 8.95 a month ...

Proposed loan modification, to which i complied with all finacial and personal information requests, a customer service rep informed me she would work with me till the end, then after 4 months of nothing, i received a letter from a different rep telling me while i had been approved for the modification i had not made the payments ontime therefore i lost the modification and now my house is in foreclosure. I have begged them to reinstate the...
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$175 in overdraft fees after purchasing a $5 item! Bank of America is a criminal enterprise that relies on tricking consumers and businesses to generate fees. I guess crime qualifies ad hard work, but it is NOT honest work. I never applied for overdraft protection. They say I accepted it when I opened my account and signed the paperwork. This is ridiculous. The booklet that describes the account agreement is 48 pages! I couldn't exactly...
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fabio1979 @SikofWhiners: you are a complete ***. no check bounced. can you read? did your mama drop you on your head when you were a baby?


SikofWhinners Shouldn\'t have bounced the check in the first place.

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I have a mortgage with Bank of America and made my January paymnet with an oversight of .02 cents. I recognized the error during my February payment and included the .02 cents. The bank did not informed me of the error nor did they return my check. They posted the payment to the principal and documented that I did not make the January payment. Subsequent payments were posted retroactive and it was not until today, June 27, 2010 after speaking...
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