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WtfI got an email from the bank saying my "mail...ie, statement(s) could possibly be delayed due to the delays in the Postal Service. In reality, Bank of America wants everyone to get their statements vi email.

I happen to like having a statement in my hand, and with the interest plus "annual fee" for my Alaska Airlines Visa through Bank of America, I do not want to sign up for "paperless statements". With the money they are making off me, I want &;; am entitled to a monthly statement through the mail!

If I "go paperless" and want a statement, I'll have to print it myself which will "save the bank money", but cost me even more money in addition to what i'm paying them already. The "mail delay" message/email the bank is sending, I believe, is a "ploy" to intimidate and get everyone to "go paperless" so the bank can save/make even more money!

User's recommendation: only go paperless through personal choice & not dictatorship/intimidation.

Location: Vero Beach, Florida

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