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Update by user Jul 05

Update: My father managed to get the fraud accusation reversed. Pending debit reversed, accounts won't be closed. That being said, after the accusation of fraud with no explanation of why we're being accused nor the chance to defend ourselves, we will be taking our services elsewhere as soon as we have access to our funds again.

Original review posted by user Jul 03

My dad had some transaction happen as a debit from his account. Bank flagged it as suspicious, dad called number to verify it.

Apparently something that was said the bank didn't like, so they marked it as fraudulent, debited MY OWN account (not my father's) $888,888.88 to "cover their losses" and are closing our accounts over it.

They've essentially blocked me from accessing my own money over something that wasn't even an overdraft nor my own transaction, and there's nothing we can do about it until Monday because it's 4th of July weekend starting tomorrow.

Do not bank with this bank. One wrong move and they'll effectively destroy you.

Reason of review: Unwarranted transaction on uninvolved account..

Monetary Loss: $888889.

Preferred solution: Reverse the $888,888.88 transaction as I did not authorize it nor was it my account that caused this whole issue, or ensure this problem does not hurt my credit score and credibility trying to bank at other banks..

Bank Of America Cons: Poor service.

  • Unfair Banking Fees
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i wouldn't go out on a night like this for eight hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight dollars and eighty eight cents!


Well, actually the banks ARE open on Friday, 5 July and I suspect your complaint is nothing more than an attempt to express your displeasure with Bank Of America over some sleight you believe you received from them over something completely unrelated to your instant complaint. We doubt very much you have over $800K on deposit with any bank, period.


You're right, I don't have that much. That doesn't change the fact that they have a pending debit on my account for that amount of money and has me in the hole that amount as a result.


Something similar happened to me, they put that amount of money so high in negative balance because it is a way of telling the system that your account is in hold and you cannot access it until they solve the problem