My wife and I have had accounts at our local bank since before it was acquired by Boatmans and Nations Bank. We have had mortgages, lines of credit, a checking account, ATM cards, saving accounts, a safe deposit box, and credit card accounts with Bank of America.

The last time I checked, credit reporting agencies knew our names. Now, Bank of America has mailed us a corrected 1099 form with my wifes name spelled wrong. We have been married for almost 40 years. It would be nice to have her name appear correctly on documents issued to the U S.

Government. Before you offer to loan anyone thousands of dollars, Bank of America should care enough to record the proper spelling of the names of the people co-signing the note. I visited our local Bank of America branch office on February 8, 2021. I was told that in order to fix this typographical error, Helen must present herself at the branch office with valid identification in order to prove her identity.

On Saturday, February 13, we did so. The bank officer was not able to correct her name as it appears on the paperwork for our line of credit because the mortgage department was closed for the weekend. I was told that she would correct the problem on Tuesday morning and notify me when she had done so. I have not heard a word today from the bank.

Bank of America should already know my wifes identity. You have photo copies of her Drivers License on file. You have recorded her Social Security Number. We have printed checks from Bank of America with both of our names on them.

My wife has credit cards and an ATM card from Bank of America that show her name properly spelled.

Bank of America acknowledged the spelling of her name last February. Since that time, her name has not changed.

User's recommendation: Don't bother.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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