Roscommon, Michigan
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Bank of America, 239-400-3725, owned by Ymax Oration Landline of Fort Meyers Fl in the name of Kenny Ray Hinckley 48, of Columbia, SC. Other number groups and number of complaints are 239-205 (1487), 239-415 (1119), 239-443 (942), 239-772 (880), 239-400 (740).

I asked what part of Nigeria was he from? He got upset with me and said I insulted him by calling him Nigerian. I assured him I did not call him Nigerian only what part of Nigeria was he from. I received a call the next morning from Kenny asking me to call him back to the number that he called me from, never mentioning Bank of America nor his name nor his phone number.

I returned his call and he wanted to know what/if I have problems with this call. I said I had not but my brother has had trouble with this type of call. He said he would like to talk to my brother about his problem. I said wait one moment he visiting me right now and I put my brother on the phone with him.

After questioning my brother it was very evedient he was shearching for what information we knew.

He did not get mush info from us but we did get much information off line by doing a reverse search on 239-400-3725. I am still waiting for my check I need it!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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can you honestly be that ***?

not only do i have to share the roadway with people like you but i have to SHARE THE VOTE.




You're joking, right? Is this a serious complaint?