I have tried three times now to settle this account. Originally a Bank of America credit card.

I only owed around $300. Midland Credit bought it, because of interest and fees, $655.00. They continue to charge interest on this balance around 18% as best I can figure, and are rude when questioned about it. I asked Bank of America if they could continue to charge interest and was told no.

I believe Midland's quote was, "who is Bank of America in this." I have checked other sources and they definitely cannot continue to charge interest. In fact there is a toll free number for the FTC to report this. I plan to call the FTC as soon as this is sent. The most appalling thing is the collections people should be glad to have someone call them with and attempt to pay.

Instead they were rude and told me I was wrong and could continue to research this, however, the interest would continue to accrue.

Sounds like a reputable company to me. More like thieves.

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