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My great aunt was a child born in the poverty of the genocide.. At 86 she was a multi million dollar real estate broker producer agent.

Her wishes were to continue to provide for her future generations. It meant everthing to her. My cousin her son devorsed his ex wife for the second time four years before he passed august 2017. Bank of america failed to verify the mariage certificate she brought to the bank..therefore giving all of our families fortune to the ex wife and excluded step daughter.

Bank of america totally disregarded the information they were originally given by the informant who initially called in and reported the death. Had bank of america took the simple extra security measures ... Not to mention the ex wife was nowhere on any accounts... To verify the marriage is valid...

To ensure that you are releasing to the true and correct beneficiaries. Now my aunts legacy was for what? To give to an ex wife and totally out of her heritage her nationality? He culture meant a great deal to her.

As she worked hard making a name gor herself she stayed active in her armenian churches and organizations in sending money to armenia helping armenians in need and building her fortune for the future of her family. The death certificate of my cousin has been amended to the correct marrital status. Submitted by the funeral home. The ex wife wad in the wrong for going to the bank as the wife..

But the Bank did even worse by letting it happen. It should be standard procedure to verify mariage when you are dealing with a huge TRUST. IT was stolen like a theif in the night leaviing named beneficiaries of an irrevocable trust to fight for what is theirs. The wrong needs to be made right.

And people need to know .. That bank of america and the us trust estate unit do not go the extra mile to ensure your last wishes are carried out.

They do not appear to have knowledge of their responsibilities as trust holders and will demand you spend money on affidavits for them to talk to you and then dont even ask for them once you return. Yet have another reason to stall.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Family Trust Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bank Of America Cons: Breach of fidicuray duty, Improper administration of trust, Corporate nonfeasens, Tort neglegence fidiciary, Disregard of grantors wishes.

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