Charleston, South Carolina
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They sent me a letter about a $139.31 debt I owed to B of A. It was on an account I may or may not have been associatted with.

I called them for details and they had no real answers. They said the debt was incured in January of 2001 (today is 6/15/11) I told thim this was impossible and asked why it had never shown up on my credit reports for the last 10 years. The woman had no answers and said they would not send me anything more. I told her I would like a letter from them saying this issue was resolved and she refused (rudely).

Obviously they purchased information of an old account and tried to go fishing. This is a bogus biz tactic and should somehow be punished. I told them if this EVER appears on my credit report I will go after them aggressively.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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