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What a miserable excuse of a bank. I had my account with them since 1994.

In 2010 (after the Feds bailed them out) they cancelled my VISA, MC and AmExpress cards for "lack of use". I had them all reissued, made sure I used each of them at least twice a year, then in 2017 these *** did it to me again! In 7 years they managed to cancel my credit cards 6 TIMES for absolutely no reason. I always used my credit cards responsibly and always paid my balances IN FULL every month, never had to pay a monthly "finance charge" in all those years.

I guess they just weren't making enough money off of me. After being with these idiots for 24 YEARS, they totally destroyed my 814 FICO score. It's now 652.

Congrats, you idiots. You just lost a customer and I'm making sure to POST WHAT YOU DID ON EVERY SINGLE REVIEW WEBSITE I CAN FIND!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Please do post. Post as a warning to those who try to keep high credit scores based on credit utilization metrics.

It's for lack of a better word, a bubble waiting to pop on you at at anytime.

These banks aren't in the credit raising business. They're into getting paid based on your use of their cards.

Think on it, would you whine about McDonald's putting you out because you come in everyday, taking up a seat and only ordering once or twice a year.

No, you wouldn't.

This is what you're doing with your little hustle here.

What else is going on in your file as cards is only 30% of your score? If you're going to play the card game, you have to use them and leave a little balance to pay off or you will be shut down without warning.


Join the club, altho my credit score is still >800. Many banks, etal.

are cancelling cards for inactivity, PNC is one other I know of. However, the key to a good credit score comprises many things, among which is the total amount of available credit---which means having more than just one or two credit cards.

Best to have a card with 2-3 different banks which, when credit availability is taken into account will help your score---as will timely payment, etc. Band of America is not a good place to do any kind of banking anyway, after the many home loans to illegals they perpetrated a few years ago.

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