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They don’t need to buy guns to destroy you and kill your soul, they are so corrupt our justice system can’t even enforce court orders to the millions of people that lost the only security they thought they had.

The American people need to require companies guilty of corruption by fraud-Downsize and stunt their numbers as well as imposing JAIL time. How many of those that lost their homes were really compensated.

No one has a clue where the millions went, except for the attorneys that get to go home to their cozy homes. They should be held responsible for seeing that money makes it to those who deserve it, then the attorney can get paid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Guess you should have paid your mortage, at least that was an option for you - but I guess you had another solution, well hows that working out for you now, standing at the curb looking at the home you used to own that the bank took from you because you failed to make your payments on time (heck, you failed to make your payments period), well I guess we all have options in life and listening to you complain that it wasn’t your fault you didn’t make mortgage payments is sad, very very sad - own up to your actions that led to you losing your house Sincerely Yours Bank of America - Customer Service Team