Bank of America credit card services lied about a repayment plan that was to have me pay a larger sum of money than I could really afford in order to have interest and late fees taken off my account if I reached a goal.

Instead, when I reached the goal, none of the interest or late fees was removed. I made the increased payments for three more months with the credit card services people telling me to wait another month whenever I called.

I felt like I was being strung along and probably was while those who lied to me were getting reinforced to do so by bonuses and rewards for getting their stooge to pay more per month than should have been necessary.

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I had 2 bank credit cards, owed the same amount, closed the accounts and started a 5 Year repayment plan.The first ask for 1/2 at 0% APR, while Bank of America asked for what I couldn't afford at 6.75% APR.

I complained to the people who regulate the banks and got nowhere. So I thought what would happen if everyone who had a complaint sent their complaint in writing to the people who regulate the banks. If they get flooded with enough complaints, they can not ignore the people who Bank of America has done wrong.

It would be like the story "Miracle on 34th Street".The Post Office sent all the mail addressed to Santa to the court room when he was on trial to prove he was Santa and not insane.


i got into a payment plan for 5 years during may of 2008.I have made every monthly mayment on time, no issue.

Now i come to realize that they wont even give me my 14000 point.

Also they tell me that they closed my account.How can they do that?


They did the same thing to me.i got charged late fees because the payment i made online wouldnt go through until the day after it was due which increased my apr to 29 percent.

when i called to tell them what happened and say that there was no way i could pay even the minimum on the acct they told me to pay the normal payment and they would transfer me to someone else who would lower my apr back down so i paid them by check over the phone. when i talked to the next person they said it doesnt matter that i paid because it wouldnt cover the new minimum payment and id get another late payment fee if i didnt come up with the rest of the payment and it would put me over the limit so id get a fee for that as well.

anyway that was the last money they scammed me out of until they take me to court or are willing to work with me without lying.before this i have never been late paying or over the limit

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