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I apply for a loan with BOA and they lied about the interest rate they resured me it was going to be 8.99, and it was 15.99 They lied I kept asking if the interest was ever going to change and she said no that it would stay at this 8.99 and when I got statement the interest was 15.99 not the 8.99 as promise, my Husband called

The Superviser would not let my husband get a word in and he had to asked her to stop talking so he could tell what the other lade had said.

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Los Olivos, California, United States #23456

is it fixed? if not...

go up the chain... people mess up all the time (they are human) or there may have been a misunderstanding. But if they arent fixing their mistake or if you are not satisfied talk to the manager, regional manager, regional president until you get a responce you are happy with.

trust me... they dont want you to get to corp!

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