Please do not use American Economic Solutions (AES) aka MJB Communications in San Diego California. My husband and I got a post card in the mail back in Nov. 2009 for a modification loan. AES charged us an upfront $2,800 fee we paid it because we were in need of financial help because our income had been cut in half because of health complications. AES promised us they could lower our mortgage by $200-$300, well we just got our modification completed in Feb. 2011 and now our mortgage is $50.00 more than the original mortgage, we did contact AES and they told us that this is the modification. Well my husband certainly let them have it over the phone and now when we call nobody answers the phones just an answer machine.

We've dealt with them for over a year, they never called us to let us know what's the statis with our modification we always had to call them, and through out this whole ordeal every time we call the office we had to speak to a new person because the previous person no longer worked their.

We reported them to states attorney general of Illinois and California and BBB bureau, and we are waiting on an immediate response. Run From AES!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

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Same problem with an individual named Dan Beech out of Ventura, CA. He's a crook.

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