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If you have a BOA Visa and thought you could put money on the card early to cover spending ahead of fees. Think again.

They stole 190.45 out, using the term Credit Balance Refund Debit. They take the money out, they don't inform you, and then send a check for that money. They know for two weeks that they have extra money they can use while your money is in the mail. This is criminal.

Fight!!!!! Send emails to company and lawyers. Stop this!!! They want fees.

Call your lawyers. Kay Camary was the customer service person that said they do this all the time.

I made her put my money directly into my checking account and that will take up to 5 days. Criminal!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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CREDIT BALANCE REFUND DEBIT is crazy rule, why provide check and waste papers?! Just credit back my bank account with money, as simple as that!


Same here. These *** I always put more money on my CC so I can spend it out during the month and don't end up above 30% of limit which hurts my credit score but no...they won't let me do it..they want you to spend their money so they can charge interest for it. Closing my Bofa acct today!


1. they are required to refund any credit balance as per federal law (regulation z) 2.

most people (like myself) appreciate that they refund overpayment promptly without requiring me to call and ask.

overpayment usually happens due to a mistake, a purchase return or a balance transfer. in any of those cases the customer usually wants the money returned to them promptly rather than waiting for their spending to catch up.


Thank you for the info!Most of us do not check our account every day, so they realized they can empty our accounts to zero balance and send it by check, that will take a while to clear even after we get it. Maybe they also hope that this check will be lost in the junk mail and the withdrawal will also be missed by us. I am closing my account tomorrow.

@Bye BofA

Same thing just happened to Us


Same thing just happened to me. Will be closing all BofA accounts!!!!


They stole about $700 from me, the same way.When i called, to inquire about the "theft", they told me that i authorized a mailed chek refund.

They even went so far as to lie and say that i called them "yesterday at 1pm" to authorize a check refund. They gave me the same BS story about 90 days of negative balance.

That too, is a lie. I demanded an electronic transfer...

They said it could take them several business days to make the transfer.

BoA needs to be sued to stop this criminal activity.What a bunch of unethical dirt bags.


That same *** just happened to me. I called and the rep kept telling me that I had a negative balance for 90 days!

She actually couldn't see my daily balance like I can showing that it goes positive and negative constantly, because I charge and then overpay to make sure to cover myself. This is BS.

Don't worry, we will eventually be getting a check for the interest that was charged on the funds that weren't covered because they mailed us a check! It will happen.

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