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i called b of a to access some of my credit line which i had $25,000.00 aval credit i was told they would not be able use my aval credit that i had to much open credit with them, they are the ones who issued me the limits i never once asked for a credit line increase but before they the banks got us in the current situation our country is in they were just willing to give out credit like nothing.I have no problem if they are looking to protect themselves but when she told me i needed credit canceling i was so OFFENED, i do not have one negitive mark on my credit my credit score is 748, now isn't bank of america taking our tax payer money to stay afloat I think they may need some credit canceling....I closed all of my b of a accounts moved them all to wells fargo were the customer service was much better than I have ever experienced at b of a.

Just like the saying goes as they get big they usually forget the most important thing the customer who made them big......I had been with b of a for 20 years, I will never do business with them again as long as i live...take that to the bank b of a


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