Aston, Pennsylvania

A few months ago I was charged 6 overdraft fees. Bank of America Manipulated the order of transactions in order to charge me $35 for each transaction.

I have had it with this awful bank, I suggest to never do business with this bank, they are certainly no Bank of America, stealing is a crime in America and this bank gets away with stealing, especially from those who do not have it. Haha, when I asked to close my account, the Bank of America Representative had the nerve to say to me "I know this may not be the best time to ask, but would you like to open up a Bank of America credit card?" hahahahaha. What a JOKE!!!!! I hope the bank fails and loses all the money it has stolen from every American who has banked with them.

My fiance will be closing his account with them and my family and friends will spread the word. DO NOT BANK WITH BANK OF THEIVES!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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The same thing happened to me, and I know how to balance my checkbook. What these crooks do is change the order in which your transactions clear, starting with the most expensive.

So if I make a purchase for $5 on 11/1, $10 on 11/2, and $1000 on 11/3, and transfer in $500 on 11/2, the $1000 will clear first. Then the $10 and $5 will clear, putting the account negative. Then the incoming $500 will clear after everything else and after they've slammed you with $35 fees for the $5 and $10 purchases.

I had several other issues with them and finally closed my account. I have been with ING Direct ever since and couldn't be happier!


I closed my account with them a few months back and now that I'm with a credit union, I have never been happier! Bank of America stole almost my entire paycheck one time in overdraft fees when I literally hadn't used my card in over a week!!!


keep a register it helps so that you can subtract your transactions from your deposits. if you know how to add you wont get overdrawn. works all the time ;)


You are right. Go to your SENATORS. Tell them you want banking regulation NOW.


your are exactly right this bank should be banned from any type of loans. they are crooks and very dishonest!


if you knew how to balance a checkbook you would never get those fees. so try that


I had the same exact experience with BOA. They are crooks, liars, and thieves. I no longer bank with them.

S in LA.