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Opened a checking, debit and credit card with this bank, what a mistake. It took less than a year and I closed all accounts.

Their customer service people are Amateurs, children answering the phone for their parents, what a DISASTER!! After time, which is an agenda all these banks work with, FRAUD, statements NOT arriving on time, you name it, pretty much The *** hitting the fan. Done intentionally to SCREW the customer, to intentionally get them in debt, borrow money, and last but not least Collections. The Feds call it DECEPTIVE practices.

Do not do banking with BofA, Wells Fargo, currently enjoying a $142 Class Action Case, DiscoverBank. Their call centers are ridiculous, too many layers to go through or be yanked to to have an elementary question 2+2 answered. Could take the rest of your life for resolution.

Their CS reps ask too many questions, for their own personal gain, a client perceives they would come and ROB them blind. Going through banks the way women go through men, nothing good out there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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