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OK is time to get off our cans and write our congressmen and congresswomen. Your bank (Bank of America, GE Bank, etc, etc) is or have received millions of dollars of our tax dollars to thumb their nose at us.

The 111th congress is trying to pass tougher rules against these thieves, more than the weak rules just announced by the Fed. HR5244 by Ms. Maloney of NY and Mr. Frank of Mass.

need our support (hey, I'm a Republican)to pass both House and Senate.

This is our chance to try and level the playing field.

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Another problem with Bank of America is the crooked way they figure your balances subject to interest charges! In December of 2008 Bank of America received their $292.00 payment, plus an additional $300.00 for a total of $592.00 payment and they state my balance is now $8,642.12.

But guess what on that same statement further down they state the balance subject to a finance charge is $8,960.45!

Can anyone explain that, since I have quit using the card for a year! These people are legalized robbers and now they have the gall to go after our tax money!


Bank of america is robbing me blind with their interest rate increases! I have been in the philippines since july of 2007.

My initial interest rate with bank of america was 6.99 % and it is now 27.99%! These people are robbing me blind and now I read they have the nerve to take my tax monies!

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