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I have been accellerated for FORECLOSURE from BOA Servicing my refinance home loan. I had Wilshire as Servicer who approved loan mod in 12/09.

BOA specifically told my national hope now advocate that they would finish the mod paperwork - picking it up where Wilshire left it.

Now 7 months later I am still in Modification review, but am facing a foreclosure 9/9/10.

I have seen a lot of similar horror stories. The personal illness and strain of the lies, hundreds of phone calls and runaround contradict the HAMP guidelines.

I have suffered serious injury from this. Additionally the servicer has defaulted on my written request for details on my modification review for over 300 days.

I am aware of a Class Action Suit in South Texas on very similar issues. I am encouraging those effected by Wilshire and BOA in Texas to contact me immediately. My personal email is maxexptx@gmail.com. This suit states that homeowners were sold out during modification. Against the Texas Constitution.

I am not going to be forced into a bankruptcy to save my home of 16 years. My rate increased from 5 to 8.25 in June 2006 with this refinance which was necessary due to my divorce. Texas foreclosure laws are quick and I am aware that BOA is in serious breach of their responsibility and committment under RESPA.

I have documented evidence of over 100 calls, 20 registered letters sent by me and conversations and faxed documents to BOA with no response.

Wilshire is BOA - and BOA will not acknowledge 11 months of forebearance payments, and I dispute the arrearage in total. BOA is predatory in accellerating foreclosure due to their right to demand the total note and arrearage they wont define to me making it impossible for me to pay. Wilshire had promised to put all arrearage in loan and make total payment 1200.

Additionally my home is appraised 50,000 under the tax statement.

Once again - Please all interested parties contact me at maxexptx@gmail.com

Attorneys welcome.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $134.

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I guess the missed point is lack of communication from BOA - after written request. My credit has been destroyed - already - by a divorce and other items...

Waiting for one year for a modification - Hamp after approval. And 11 mos straight of forebearance payments that are not included in my payment history


I doubt I am a candidae for short refinance - but its something else to learn about...


Any co has the right at any time to sell your loan as long as they give your proper notice (10 days before first payment affected). Also they do have the right to send notice of acceration and demand payment in full if is that past due. Bankruptcy will bring current but you will still owe the same amount, destroy your credit, and still have the same PAYMENT. Also you will not be able to get any future modification or help as you will be under bk laws. Also does not matter how much the home is worth, you borrowed a certian amount and that is what must be paid back. If mortgage co lowered your balance just because home value went down they would be out of business unless they were allowed to increase your balance every time your value went up. But i am sure you would not want that but that is what you are asking them to do. How is that fair??

This is straight from last person web site link

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