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Bank of America likes to play games with withdrawals vs deposits. I had $350 in the bank. I made an online payment of $435 and I deposited $100.00 to make sure the money was in the account, on the same day.

BOA charged me two overdraft fees. One was basically them going backwards, charging me on a pending charge, that had actually taken place when money was in the bank.

Reviewing my account, they have taken another $35 out. On this one I can't find any sign of why.

I'm all about the rights of private business. But BOA seems to be literally stealing. They also seem to have become very arrogant about their practices.

I suggest taking all you money out, except for $10, then charge something to the account for $100. If we can get enough people to join in, BOA will take a big hit. We should used their little games against them.

Do not fear a mark on your credit. With the situation in our country right now, there is a strong possibility that the old ways are not going to matter, or they'll have to change.

Forget not, we the people still have the power in this country. We have power in numbers.

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Sounds like you work for BOFA or else it wouldnt be so personal. sorry u cant sleep at night, hope u burn in *** along with all the other "ASSociates" THAT HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED BY YOUR BELOVED COMPANY. U ARE CRIMINALS.


Suntrust arranges their dollar amounts from largest to smallest (they say they do this so big items will get paid first, mortgages, etc.) Heck we are all human and make mistakes. I just had 6 checks at $30 a pop bounce, one was for $1.00 .

Due to the way they arrange the checks they are making out like bandits.

And there is no way of getting of these fees. May go back to carrying cash.


I had 4 items in pending, and noticed 2 did not go through, overdrawn, completely my fault i deposited amount overdrawn and figured i would have 2 overdraw items total $75. the bastards only put 2 of the pending items through the next day.

but charged the $75 overdrawn amount which created the other two items to be overdrawn. $75 more in fees. |I did not have the money to pay it all and a week later hit for another $35 for extended overdrawn balance charge. total fees $185 on basically 2 items.

\I and every family member will close our account!!! im thinking of taking them to court.

any suggestions? |I feel they are crooks!!!


Try this one on for size... wait....

heres an idea... YOUR DEBIT CARD IS NOT A CREDIT CARD. Learn to add and subtract, then maybe you will be qualified for a bank account. If you borrow the banks money, even for a short period of time, expect fees.

Try Using your credit card next time... oh wait, I'll bet its maxed out.


To the person with the overdraft fee from BOA: go inside a Bank of America branch and ask to speak with someone about your account. A lot of times they will waive those charges.

I know because they've done it for me many of times. Try it and see what results you come up with.