Rochester, New York

In 2007 I purchased a home using bank of america as my mortgage company.In Nov. 2008 I wanted to refinance my home.

At that time I was told that the home I had purchased had a $15,000 Lien on the property from the owners of the previuous owners. Now how in the *** did I purchase such a property. It should be against the law. At that I notified bank of america several times to inquire on this matter.

Several times I was just told "oh well its not our problem". Im sorry but it was your problem. Bank of america owns this property until I pay for it.What bank was going to give me a refinance with a lien on it? In april I discovered on my monthly bill payment that their was "fees" added to my account.

Once again I made a call to bank of america,just to find out that you guys had to hire your own attorney and was going to charge me for it. Well sorry but that just isnt going to happen.I have always paid extra on my account as you should plainly be able to see on your computer. I was never asked or told by anyone that that would be ok to do.In august I made another phone call which took me all around the U.S. from maine to california in 3 hours,same call!

your operators are ridiculous! They were trying to fix a problem,they had no idea how to fix. Finally after 3 hours on the phone I was connected to "a manager" kim briscoe whom I thought was truly concerned about this problem.Yeah right.Im not exactly sure what kind of degree she has but definetly is not honest! I have made numerous attempts to contact her personally at her own extention like she had asked me to do.

But I am being told everytime that she is working on it and will not talk to me. well its like this I have not and will not make another payment until this matter is taken care of.No need to phone me everyday to tell me my payment is late.When you guys decide to fix this let me know.I will never recommend this bank to anyone!

Also the last time I spoke to kim she told me that the problem was that the title company had paid the lien off without allowing the bank to add on your attorney fees. Sorry thats your problem not mine and I do expect the fees to be taken off!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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The Bank of America corporation is nothing but a bunch of crooks!!!!!!!!

Run far and fast, don't look back.....


Bank of America screwed me today, too. I applied for a loan 3-22-09, on a new property that I had paid cash for just prior to applying for the loan.

All this time BoA has assured me that I qualify for the loan and it would be funded within a couple weeks. OVER SIX MONTHS LATER I received a call from BoA telling me I could not get the mortgage because the time between purchasing and applying for the loan was too short. I was welcome to apply again, but the rates and fees had increased in the interim. BoA is the biggest banking disappointment I've had and tomorrow I will remove the $20k I have in checking and savings at BoA.

BoA will not get another penny from me!

I have also filed a complaint with BoA's regulators, Office of Comptroller of the Currency (800) 613-6743. I would suggest all others being ripped off by BoA complain by phone or at


i was in a hurry when this complaint was first put on the computer.I left out a line. the bank took it upon themselfs to take the extra money i paid on the principal each month to go towards their attorney fees.

what a rip off! i would never recommend this bank to anyone.1307