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Hello... Thanks for keeping this alive...the last time I spoke to BofA they were EXTREMELY RUDE and offended me to no end...when I called them out for it the "manager" said, "How about I CHARGE YOU $300 FOR YOUR ATTITUDE" I hung up...I was SOOO PISSED OFF!

Yes, I am a pissed consumer. I threatened to take it to the media. This is what happened. I got a phone call from someone, a male...

at BofA headquarters/Customer service...I did a reverse check on the phone number to make sure, because I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE IDIOT SAID TO ME! He called saying he saw my social media posting about what happened and he wanted to take care of it for me. I was grateful. He asked me to tell him what happened.

So, I started telling him...soon I could hear him mock snoring as if I am boring him. I stopped talking to see if it was really snoring...and it was...I said, are you listening...a pause...then he said, I said Ok thats see if he even listened. He says something off the wall, completely unrelated which told me, he had put the phone away from his ear when I was telling him what happened. I said did you get all that...he is like..yeah yeah.

So, then I know, my brother was really sick when he sent that money to me, it was a real hardship and I would like it to be refunded to him asap..he has leukemia and his chemo made it difficult to work and pay me for his phone...then I hear him say to someone next to him, "SHE IS PLAYING THE CHEMO CARD" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said what the *** did you just say? AYFKM? I went off on him...I hung up pissed as *** Within a minute, his "MANAGER" calls me back and says his coworker here was reprimanded for saying that (not in 5 seconds it took to call me back he wasn't) anyway...still furious I told him that was so wrong and upsetting to accuse me of playing the chemo card, because John really was sick, although treatment has helped.

he is still very much sick afflicted with blood I was angry...I STILL AM! But what he says to me instead of fixing the mess is, "I'm gonna charge you $300 because I don't like your attitude"...yeah, the manager said that to me...delirious that he cold even charge me since I didn't have an acct with BofA AND NEVER WOULD!!

But just the GAUL of these two men..were enough to get them both fired if I was the boss... Rosemary so no, none of it has been resolved...everyone keeps pointing the finger to the next person 707-327-6735

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I filed a complaint with the BBB against Band of America because they have allowed one of their customers to use my phone number to transfer money into his acct using my phone number. Because I DO NOT HAVE A BofA ACCT no one will talk to me. I went in person, they practically carried me out by my arms by security when I was trying to tell them, I didn't have an account but someone who does is using my phone number. When they responded to the BBB complaint, they sent the response and final decision to the senders bank, WELLS FARGO and told me I had to go thru Wells Fargo to get the answer because I don't have an acct with them, even though I AM THE ONE WHO FILED THE COMPLAINT! I had the sender call Wells Fargo with me on a 3 way call and NO ONE THERE COULD FIND THE RESPONSE BofA SAYS THEY SENT! It has been a vicious cycle of everyone pointing the finger at the next guy and still my issue has not been resolved. BofA took my phone number 707-327-6735 off Gabriel Guererro's BofA account but they have yet to refund the sender the $390 over 6 payments that should have been refunded by ZellePay if the receiver didnt register an acct within 2 weeks...which was the case, Instead of the money being returned to the sender, it was hijacked by this man using my phone number. Still, many months later trying to get it resolved, I have no resolution. Wells Fargo was told they had to do the investigation, and they did...WHY? I HAVE NO IDEA, we already knew the sender sent the money via Zelle using the CORRECT NUMBER...that wasn't the issue...

Anyway...anything you can do to helo woukd be greatly appreciated...

Rosemary Guglielmelli


Product or Service Mentioned: Zelle Pay Account.

Reason of review: UNRESOLVED FRAUD.

Monetary Loss: $390.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bank Of America Cons: Unable to talk to someone unless you have an account that is bs.

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