Groton, Massachusetts
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If you have a loan with EMC or Bk of America you will be up a creek without a paddle. Your best bet is to short sale the property or request a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

they are not attempting to help and you will stay on a phone line with them forever. How do I know this? I work as a housing counselor for a non profit agency.

they have a emilinate default dept for if you are not behind on your loan that is suppose to help you and a retention dept that is for if your behind that is suppose to help you and a loss mitigation dept that is suppose to help you and they are worth a nickel worth of help to their customers. Their service is a joke.

again how can i say this? I attempt to work with them 5 days a week and they such.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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No you are not up a creek with out a paddle. You now have the option to take that paddle and whip them silly.

How you ask? With a certified forensic mortgage audit. Why would you want to sell fraud or modify for that matter? Where can you get one of these wonderful audits (paddles)? Now what can this audit do? It will show all the violations of federal, state, including the local municipality laws and ordinances. Once the audit is done litigation paperwork support is created and now all a lawyer has to do is file the appropriate paper work into court. 90% of his work is done!

The mortgage companies do not want these to go to jury trial as there are 12 homeowners who will wonder if they were defrauded as well. Once you have gone to the website and learned just how to paddle these companies contact to start taking back this country one home at at time. Now if someone has already lost their home and fraud is found in the contract they are owed treble damages.

This includes the price of the house and the money paid in. So are you ready to get a big paddle and start swinging?

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