I seldom need to physically go into the branch, however on the past two occasions (today and last Friday) I needed to withdraw money in specific denominations to pay employees (borrowed farm labor). On both occasions there were in excess of 8 people in line in the lobby, and also customers waiting in the drive through lane outside.

To service these customers, there was only ONE teller, working both the lobby and the drive through.

On both occasions I waited in excess of 30 minutes in line before having to finally leave to take care of other business. I ended up having to get generic denominations ($20 bills) from an ATM, and then go to another business to see if they could exchange for smaller denominations.

I've been doing business with B of A for almost 30 years, and this lack of proper staffing is unbelievable!

Looks like I'll have to quit trying to use this branch from now on. I'll actually SAVE time by driving to another branch 10 miles further away to do my business!


User's recommendation: Don't bother going to the B of A in Spring Lake, North Carolina! Not worth your time!

Location: Spring Lake, North Carolina

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