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Hello Rose, Stephen, Nancy and Genesis

I started this process of Deed in Lieu back in August 2012 when I went to court. I was told by the lawyer that

was representing BoA they would give me til Dec 13 2012 to have the Deed in Lieu finished. The lawyer pulled me aside also

told me to stay on top of BoA to make sure they are doing what they should be doing.

I moved out of my condo in August 2012. I then had a cleaning crew go and clean condo from top to bottom and had carpet cleaned too. It was spotless.

1. In October they came to do the inspection. The took pictures then said the appraisel was next. When did they do appraisel I have no idea.

2. I was notified I needed to be moved out of condo by Nov 15 2012 which I was.

3. I was sent paperwork by law firm that is working with BofA to have notarized around Thanksgiving. I signed and sent them back immediatley.

4. In middle of December I received call from Stephen Jones asking questions and I asked when should this be done its been

4 months and he said should be done soon.

5 Janurary 2013 came they called me and said they were trying to get a hold of me to change locks. I said that was not true that

I have had same number for 10 years they were lying. So BofA rep looked into and called company and they would call and set up time for me to meet them there, to left them in bldg. I said ok that I would drop what I was doing and meet them. Well a week or so went by and I called them and they said don't worry they got in and changed locks. I said how when I have the key to get in main door where the common area is. She said they got in. So I said ok. I havent been there since knowing they changed the locks and I wouldnt be able to get into condo.

6. Mean while I was calling Genesis at the law firm asking what is hold up its now been 7 months she said she had to send more paperwork to have notarized and send back. So I did that. Well they screwed up paperwork so weeks went by finally sent new paperwork had it notarized again. Kept calling. She said cant do anything until Bof A sends her the paperwork she needs.

7 Now they were telling me the appraisel was old and would have to have another appraisel. But first would need another inspection again then appraisel. So I was calling every other day finally got Rose Gorman who took over my Deed in Lieu. She is from Short sale dept. So she is clueless and doesnt know what was going on. She will tell you that too. Asked to speak to her supervisor Stephen Jones who never returned my calls. She gave me his number.

8. Call into customer service explained the whole story and got the esculation dept. a guy name Kyle Pierceson who seemed to be in another world when talking to me. I explained this has been going on since August 2012 he didnt say much.... hung up on him. A couple of weeks had gone by

9 Finally Rose told me to call Nancy. 5/9/2013 and spoke to Nancy Merritt at Safguard 216-739-2900 ext 3544 to set up the inspection. Nancy told me South Fl Field would call me to set up appt.

10 Finally I get a call from South Fl Field (caller ID) 5/13/13 they were setting up appointment to have inspector come to condo on 5/14/2013 at 10am.

11. I met with George at 10am went through common area down hallway to condo there was no lockbox on door. I told George they changed the locks back in Feburary. So I turned handle and the door was open. I couldnt believe what I saw. People got into the condo and messed it up. When I went to my bedroom I saw where the door from my bedroom goes out on patio there was the old locks on floor. They(company I dont have a clue) changed the lock to wrong door instead of the interior one in hall way. The secure door!!!!! Well they didnt put new deadbolt in they just put a plate over whole and put a *** handle with a not so great lock on. George then showed me how easy it was to break in thru that lock. I was hysterically crying. Its been a freaking nightmare with BofA and everyone else involved. George took alots of pics.

12 I went home got on the phone and try to call Rose and no answer so I called customer service and wanted supervisor. Faith transfered me to Richard employee number 8602. He said this needed attention right away opened a case #69242. I told him the whole story just like I am doing now.

13. I hung up with Richard from Bof A and called Nancy at Safeguard and told her what happen to condo. I told her I wanted to speak to supervisor which was Justin Raya. I want to know the name of the company that did inspection in Feburary and changed locks. She would not tell me. I asked her where the pictures from Feburary in computer she said yes the condo was in perfect condition. Meanwhile havent heard from Justin.

I then called lawyer friend who told me to go back out and calls cops and get police report. I was there for 3 hours. They took fingerprints and pictures also.

My condo sat for 7 to 8 months with no problems with my locks. All of asudden you go in and change locks and all *** breaks loose. If this Deed in Lieu was done back in janurary or Feburary 2013 like it was suppose too, This would of NOT happened. I am FED up with all of you BofA, safeguard and the inspection company. No one will admitt they were wrong!!!! I did EVERYTHING I was suppose to do from day one. I cant help there is incompetent people working on my Deed in Lieu.. I am not responable for any of this.

I moved out when I was suppose to leaving everything CLEAN!!!!! Its all on you guys. Everyone is blaming everyone else for this. Instead of someone speaking up and making this happen. So good luck cause I am not doing another *** thing. I have done more work then all of you on this. Next time I hear from any of you it should be positive news.

By the way you have done 3 inspections as of today 5/14/13 and 1 appraisel getting ready to do another. That I know of.

FYI when I worked for American Express for 6 years and people called in with problems with there accounts. I went out of my way to make things happen! I didnt say sorry i am new to this department. Thats why I was EOM (employee of month) every other month and had letters written to the President of Amex. I did what it took to make it happen!!!!!! hint hint



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Zakaria ahmed


I don't know how it's the bank's fault you stopped paying your mortgage. Let me spell this out in about 2000 words less than you wrote above; pay your bills, don't buy things you can't afford. You don't have to pay me for this amazing advise, the bank has charged you enough.


I hope that you are lucky enough to always have this ignorant mind frame. May you never loose your job, face cancer or other illnesses, or experience any other woes in your life.

I pitty the people around you.