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I bought a condo and was given a home loan by countrywide. When the economy crashed in 2009 I, who was a finish carpenter, was one of the first to loose my job. We called Bank of America right away and we were told they couldn't help us unless we were already late on...
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go online and become familiar with Consumer Financial Protection Agency which is the successor to the comptroller of the currency complaint process. file a complaint with the COTC which will be forwarded on to the CFPA.

that should help take care of the problem. good luck to you my deepest condolences for what you have gone through and continue to go through because of a horrible horrible Bank of America.

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Bank Of America Loan Modification
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Poor customer service
My husband and I went to Bank of America to refinance our home last August, our payments are ridiculous. It took several months, lost paperwork, shuffled around to different contacts, broken communication and all along I kept telling them we need this done ASAP...
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I have a similar story with another mortgage company. They strung me along for three years for a modification.

After my last rejection, I contacted the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau. File your complaint online. CPFB got involved and they reversed their decision. I'm on a trial modification but these people can not be trusted.

You have to protect yourself.

I would also advise you to record all of your conversations (required in some states to let them know you are). I hope all works out for you.

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Bank Of America Loan Modification

Bank Of America in Seattle, Washington - Loan modification fiasco

My husband I and I applied for a loan modification with BOA and were denied with no explanation. During the process, we had to fax over very confidential documents and were never able to speak to anyone directly. Each time we called, we were sent into an endless loop having to answer the same questions over and over, nothing to do with the modification. We even had contact names and telephone extension numbers and were told that there was no way for us to be transferred to any particular person, not even the one supposedly representing us (in one case, very early in the process, we were actually given the extension number of the person who did a quick run down of our financial situation and informed me that we were "pre-qualified"). Our negotiator left ONE message later in the process and was annoyed because "he'd tried contacting us for ten days" though he left only the one message, without a return phone number or e-mail address. I did try calling the number on our caller ID, but the number did not reach Bank of America. I would like to speak to someone who will help us without the run around. This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with.
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Bank Of America Loan Modification

Bank of america sucks

i recently was sent paper work from bank of America saying i was pre approved for my modification so i get to the page with the new payment its only $80 less then what i was paying im looking at the paper like WTF is this on top of that they added almost 18000 to my original loan saying it was the back payments,but its not my fault they took so long back in June they said i was done but it took them 5 more months to figure out the escrow they serious.I'm thinking about not signing the new payments and maybe fight for a better one cause the one they gave is not going to help me out
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File complaints with the OCC, your State Attorney General (my state also has a special legal center for this issue) and the US Treasury. Call your Congressman/woman.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Also, join class action lawsuits against BofA - alleging illegal withholding of Federal monies.

Google: Class action lawsuit against'd be shocked how much is happening out there. United we stand!!!


You should have listen to all the loan mod companies when you had the chance. There always needs to be a third-party instead you believed the banks and the government.

You blew it!!!!!!

You should have called Nod Consultants!

Maybe you should call them they helped me get out of my Bank of America loan problem but they never let what happened to you happen to me. You got railroaded buddy.


This is just not right. Do you know if there is anything we could do about this?

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Bank Of America Loan Modification

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