Warner Robins, Georgia
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We purchased a mortgage with Taylor Bean and Whitaker (TBW) over 3 years ago on a house in Alabama. After one year BOA purchased our mortgage and that is when all the trouble started.

We started getting phone calls nearly every night with people saying that we were one month behind. We tried to tell them we didn't owe them any money but that did no good. Many weeks of harassing phone calls and I finally get ahold of someone that knew what was going on. BOA was disputing that we made our last payment to TBW.

We got out our records and bank statements show that our last payment did clear the bank for TBW. We put together proof that we had never missed a monthly payment since we started the mortgage. BOA said to fax them the proof so we did. They then said it would take them time to research the problem.

The calls never stopped. I finally got ugly on the phone to a supervisor and he said he would stop the calls. We are 3 years down the road and BOA says that we are 4 payments behind.

They have been taking our payments and applying them to late charges that we don't owe. Law suit to follow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $4400.

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My heart goes out to you!

A couple of years ago I did have a drop in income, but never late on the mortgage. I asked to be considered for the "Making Homes Affordable" (MHA) program, but was denied. They told they could not consider me for the Federal program because I didn't qualify. They stated for me to qualify I had to be at least 60 days past due. Five (5) separate times, by 5 separate people, one of them a manager, stated the same thing.

So under their instructions I purposely became delinquent by 60 days, then called them on the 65th day.

To my supprise, they couldn't help me because I was in FORECLOSURE. WHAT? After working with them for over 19 months, and starting over-and-over, I was approved for the plan, and pulled out of Foreclosure.

Although you are having to take the legal route, you may want to apply for the "Making homes affordable" program--it may slow the foreclosure process.

Best of luck!

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